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have been disbanded. >> reporter: i'm jim wilcox live on independence square where later potential cabinet ministers are expected to be paraded before the crowds. >>> violence as the prime minister resists calls for his resignation after what he says are fake audio recordings. >>> what are these fossilized remains of whales doing in a south american desert? >>> hello everyone. let me take you first to the chinese capital beijing today. there it is, you can't see much. that's because the smog hanging over the city is the thickest ever, so thick that it's literally off the scale. it's now so bad that hundreds of thousands of people are fearful of doing this, of leaving their homes. that's because of the i'm pafkt of breathing the air on their health. this latest pollution has already lasted a week. so how bad is it? well, to the irritation of the chinese government, the u.s. embassy in beijing is tracking air quality from its building with gradings from good, green air, to hazardous at the bottom. this is the embassy website of daily data, the current reading is right up beyond hazar
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1